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Catherine McFadyen, Head of LGPS Consulting

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We help public sector pension funds manage risks while also meeting their long-term funding and investment objectives. We understand the challenges you face and are here to work with you in delivering better outcomes for your fund and your employers.

How we can help

Our team is the largest and most experienced LGPS-specific actuarial practice in the marketplace, which gives us the capacity and expertise to customise our services to the specific needs of the LGPS and other public service pension schemes. We provide the full range of actuarial services, including:

  • Formal and interim funding valuations
  • Asset liability modelling using risk based likelihood techniques
  • FRS102 and IAS19 accounting disclosures
  • New and ceasing employer calculations
  • Contractor risk assessment
  • Employer risk profiling
  • Bulk transfer advice
  • Demographic analysis
  • Cashflow modelling
  • Data cleansing
  • Other risk management e.g. employer exit strategies and bond calculations
  • Training

To find out more, please contact Catherine McFadyen.

Raised the bar for how future valuations should be done.

Public Sector client - Hymans Robertson

Innovative digital solutions

Our advice is underpinned by innovative technology and digital expertise. Adapting to an ever more digital world, we have over 200 digital experts ranging from data scientists, modellers, technical architects, developers to UX designers, all dedicated to creating transformative digital solutions.

Our digital first approach makes sure we’re harnessing the latest technologies and agile delivery to meet your needs. Powered by the latest cloud technology, our tools and solutions are best in class, and continually updated to keep up with the latest digital developments.

Examples of our digital governance solutions include:

  • Our ground-breaking and unique tool, Hymans Robertson Employer Asset Tracker (HEAT), was developed in partnership with two LGPS funds to give you the ability to track employer assets on a monthly basis making your valuations more accurate and transparent. HEAT also allows you to efficiently and flexibly operate different investment strategies, meeting the specific needs of all employers in a LGPS fund. 
  • focalPoint is our secure online document library and meeting tool. It’s designed to help protect your information whilst running more efficient meetings. User permissions can be set to grant or restrict access to sensitive materials. It also works as a meeting manager allowing you to create virtual meeting packs at the click of a button.

If you would like to learn more about our innovative digital solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Making clients' lives easier through:

Delivering excellent outcomes for funds and their employers

Combining the best technical advice with the widest experience means that together with our clients, we get the job done resulting in better funding outcomes.

Managing change together with clients

Since 1921 we have been developing solutions that help clients through periods of change and uncertainty. Our innovative thought leadership, deep understanding of the detail and background to all public service pension policy and partnering approach helps clients implement change efficiently.

Helping clients lead the way

The funds we support are better off because we bring new solutions ahead of everyone else. Our clients are the first to benefit from new approaches that become best practice. Our clients get the benefits first because we are always ahead of the curve.

They truly feel part of our team.

Public Sector client - Hymans Robertson

Pension Dashboards

Ensuring successful compliance

Pensions dashboards will bring about a landmark change in the way individuals can access information about their pensions. Find out what trustees and administrators need to know to ensure compliance.

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Managing risk in the LGPS

Managing risk in the LGPS hub page

If you’re involved in managing a pension scheme with over 7 million members, risk is never far from your mind. We're running a series of LGPS risk management webinars, where we'll discuss how and why funds should look at risk holistically and spotlight how specific risk can be managed.

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LGPS Tools and Technology

The information you need at your fingertips

We use the latest advances in digital technology to enrich every aspect of our service. Our suite of LGPS bespoke tools are designed to help you manage your fund, communicate with your members and provide an excellent service to a growing employer base. 

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Featured Insights

Following the conclusion of the 2022 valuations, we spent early April carrying out analysis to understand the national picture and it’s good news for the LGPS in England and Wales. You can see the results of our analysis in "The Big Picture" report.

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Hymans Robertson Employer Asset Tracker (HEAT)

The LGPS is changing, and the way Funds account for employer asset shares needs to change in order to meet higher standards. Our ground-breaking tool allocates and tracks employers assets in the LGPS. It gives you the ability to track employer assets on a monthly basis making your valuations more accurate and transparent.

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I see HEAT as a transformational change, a springboard for future development on many fronts, facilitating improvements in terms of robustness of employer valuations, bespoke investment strategies, and potential joint working on the investment front.

Steve Taylor - Greater Manchester Pension Fund

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