GO for Investment Pathways

Delivering a simple and robust Investment Pathways customer experience for your business

Under the FCA’s investment pathways rules, providers must offer consumers entering drawdown four options on how they might use their pot with a suitable investment strategy for each one. 

Our modelling technology helps your customers to understand their options in a clear and informative way, allowing them to make better financial decisions at retirement.

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Providers must ensure non-advised customers entering drawdown are presented with their options in relation to investment pathways, including the suitability of each option to meet their needs, the charges and the investment strategy. Ensuring customers understand these will be paramount to delivering good customer outcomes.

Our GO for Investment Pathways tool can provide you with:

  1. Tailored strategic asset allocations for each of the pathways to meet the needs of your customers.
  2. A simple and intuitive digital engagement tool for your customers to review and select their investment pathway.

As well as managing the customer experience, our GO for Investment Pathways tool captures and plays back essential data to support the governance oversight of your Independent Governance Committee or Governance Advisory Arrangement.

With our approach, you can go beyond just compliance with the FCA requirements for investment pathways and create a market leading solution that engages customers to make more informed decisions.

GO for Investment Pathways 

See for yourself how GO for Investment Pathways can enable your customers to build and tailor their user experience. Contact us today to arrange a demo.

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Strategic Asset Allocations

Strategic Asset Allocations

Our strategic asset allocations are designed to provide the optimal framework for fund managers to develop solutions for a given customer risk profile. 

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Delivering on the FCA's retirement challenge

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Fixing the unfixable?

In this webinar replay Paul Waters and Heather Meighan discuss about what can be done now to deliver on the FCA's retirement challenge. 

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