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Where do you start with large scale project management?

With so many moving parts to consider in a large scale project it can be difficult to know where to begin. How do you ensure the project will meet its objectives and finish on time and within scope and budget? Our experienced team can help you with your large scale project management and planning. Find out more below.

We can help you

Making sense of all the moving parts, identifying multiple work streams, managing many stakeholders, and putting in place a governance strategy for the project can take you away from the time you need for decision making.

Our project management team have a wealth of experience and knowledge of both strategic planning and ongoing proactive management of large scale change exercises. Most importantly they tailor the scale of their involvement to suit your needs and scope, leaving your time free to focus on what is most important to you. 

Strategic project management and planning

Transforming your goal into a strategic plan of action needs careful deliberation. That’s where we can help.

Our project managers are highly experienced in all elements of strategic setup of large scale project management and planning. They can help with projects of all shapes and sizes. 

During the initial stages we will work with you and other key stakeholders to set up an appropriate process and structure for the project. This includes tasks such as confirming objectives and measures, identify key workstreams and high level sub-tasks, stakeholder engagement planning, setting timelines and milestones, agreeing interactions, and risk analysis. 

Tailored approach

The project manager will set up an appropriate governance structure (e.g. steering groups, working groups etc.) and relevant supporting documentation such as project plans, action logs and risk registers – tailoring the approach to suit what works best for you.  

A key output of this first stage is an overview of your project in one page – a key document we prepare at the outset of every project which is a snapshot of your projects workstreams, interactions and milestones at a high level. This can be a very powerful tool, helping those involved understand the process, giving clarity to timelines and an appreciation of the complexity and objectives.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

French Writer (1900-1944)

Proactive project management

Proactively managing and tracking progress ensures a project does not lose traction (particularly crucial in projects which run for several months or even years).

One of the main challenges of project management is the sheer volume of information that flows between all the parties involved, and how that flow of information can affect other workstreams. On a large scale project it’s easy to see where information could be lost, or where someone could be unaware of the impact of a changing situation on other workstreams.

Effective ongoing project management

Putting an independent Project Manager in place won’t stop the flow of information – instead by being a central conduit through which the information flows our Project Manager will be fully aware of all the moving parts of the project and is therefore best placed to assess the impact of any changes and flag any issues to ensure key objectives are still achieved.

Our experienced team proactively control the ongoing process, managing governance sessions and workstreams, tracking actions, monitoring risks, engaging with stakeholders, and managing issues and escalating them as and when required. They also control all project documentation ensuring the client and relevant sponsors have complete transparency of process and can concentrate on making decisions safe in the knowledge that the project is being effectively controlled.

Providing peace of mind

How we can help

We can help trustees plan an approach for their scheme changes that engages with all parties, balancing regulatory requirements with the needs of the members. We give you the control you need throughout, providing you with the peace of mind to focus on key decision making, in the knowledge that the project will meet its objectives.


Providing expert insight

How we can help

We ensure employers have the support needed at all stages of the project management process, from instigation to successful completion. Providing an expert insight, our team will be on-hand to help you navigate the planning process for your project, including achieving the necessary buy-in you need on your objectives, budgets, workstreams and timelines through a proper and realistic scoping process. Once this is done we will ensure an appropriate governance structure and reporting methodology is in place.

Proactive support

How we can help

We will provide support from project beginning to end, helping your project to reach a successful completion. Our team will help you plan your implementation process and achieve the necessary buy-in to your objectives, budgets, workstreams and timelines. Once completed we will make sure an appropriate ongoing governance structure and reporting methodology is established, ensuring no progress is lost.