DB Endgame Strategy

The majority of DB pension schemes are now entering into the final stages of their lives. It’s a complex stage in a scheme’s journey, with a need for expert strategic planning and execution.

We understand how difficult this stage in a scheme’s life can be. Not all schemes will have the same target endgame. Even schemes with the same endgame in mind will require different strategies to get there.

Expert strategic planning is needed to take all the different options and activities and turn them into a single cohesive path that takes the scheme to its desired endgame. 

How we can help

We help pension scheme trustees and sponsors develop and deliver a focused strategy that allows them to successfully progress towards their specific long-term objective, whether that’s buy-out, run-off or third party capital.

Our team of experts will work together with you to establish a clear strategy that captures all the moving parts, reduces risk and costs along the way, and delivers the best possible outcomes for scheme members.

The contribution [of Hymans Robertson] over the time they have taken the ‘driving seat’ has been absolutely outstanding. The attention to detail, pragmatism and management of issues has been most impressive.

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Innovative digital solutions

Our advice is underpinned by innovative technology and digital expertise. Adapting to an ever more digital world, we have over 200 digital experts ranging from data scientists, modellers, technical architects, developers to UX designers, all dedicated to creating transformative digital solutions.  

Our digital first approach makes sure we’re harnessing the latest technologies and agile delivery to meet your needs. Powered by the latest cloud technology, our tools and solutions are best in class, and continually updated to keep up with the latest digital developments. 

Our digital solutions evolve all the time. If you have a business challenge you need help with or if you would simply like to talk to one of our experts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

Excellence in Endgames

Excellence in Endgames insights hub

Our hub is here to help you cut through the complexity, identify the right endgame strategy for your individual scheme and develop and execute a strategy that puts member outcomes at its heart. 

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Set the right PACE to buy-out

If your defined benefit (DB) pension scheme is targeting buy-out, you need a cohesive strategy and plan to get there. Find out how our PACE approach can help you deliver a successful buy-out strategy.


Planning your journey to buy-out

Read our guide

Our in-depth guide aims to help trustees and sponsors targeting buy-out to agree on a comprehensive plan to help their scheme reach buy-out confidently and efficiently.

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Toolkit for corporate sponsors

Setting your DB endgame strategy

View our toolkit for corporate sponsors knowledge centre, where you’ll find a range of useful resources available including webinars, analysis and guides.

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Download our 2024 Risk Transfer Report 

Our eight annual risk transfer report provides a comprehensive analysis of the pensions bulk annuity market. 

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