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Right now, the books aren’t balancing. Despite hundreds of billions being paid in, in some cases deficits remain, putting members' benefits at risk.

We want to fix that. We love to build long lasting, strong partnerships with our clients - trustees and sponsors - to maximise value and reduce uncertainty. The decisions we help clients make have important, real world consequences and we’re committed to working with you all the way through to the end of your DB journey, until that very last pension is secured.

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Our eight annual risk transfer report provides a comprehensive analysis of the pensions bulk annuity market. 

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Discussing the issues that shape our industry

For 100 years, we’ve been embracing change, innovating and navigating uncertainty. We pride ourselves on being thought leaders and are constantly discussing the many issues facing and shaping our industry. We host regular webinars covering a variety of subjects such as pensions, financial services, technology, investment, adapting to COVID-19, Climate Change and much more. We often have guest speakers and industry leaders sharing their expert opinions too. Visit our webinar hub to find out more.

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Risk Transfer Report 2024

Download our 2024 Risk Transfer Report, where our team of experts give you an overview and analysis of the pensions bulk annuity market.

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