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Paul Waters, Head of DC Markets

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Helping financial services companies deliver better customer outcomes through digital engagement

People in the UK face difficult choices balancing day-to-day spending needs with saving, whether that’s for a rainy day or retirement. For many, financial services products can be hard to understand and decision-making daunting.

We believe that every pound is important and it’s our job to ensure that people can make the best decisions to maximise their savings, regardless of how much they have, and whether or not they have access to financial advice.

How we can help

Financial services businesses design, manufacture and distribute products that meet the needs of their customers at competitive prices. Our role is to maximise understanding, engagement and positive decision-making to drive better customer outcomes.

We do this through our extensive experience in modelling, data, digital and investment across the retail and workplace markets in both the advised and non-advised sectors. For over 100 years we have been helping pension schemes, employers and financial services providers look after their members, employees and customers through our institutional-grade models, innovation and insight.

You can use this to power your customer propositions by:   

  • Delivering personalised messaging built around a customer’s goals

  • Using robo-guidance algorithms to achieve customer objectives

  • Adopting embedded wealth techniques to maximise product awareness and take up

  • Integrating investment propositions to accurately project and illustrate the value of a product

  • Embedding market leading longevity analytics to deliver more robust retirement planning

So whatever challenges you’re looking to solve, we can help you. Our solutions are designed to put good customer outcomes at the heart of what we do, allowing you to attract, grow and retain assets while delivering a better experience for your customers.


We can provide:

  • Economic Scenario Service (stochastic forecasting engine)

  • Goals-based saving APIs

  • Decumulation planning APIs

  • Longevity data APIs

  • Pre-built digital products and APPs

  • Accumulation Strategic Asset Allocations

  •  Decumulation Strategic Asset Allocations

  •  UX design and Application build

Hymans Robertson’s unrivalled digital capability allows you to enrich your proposition quickly and seamlessly, enabling us to look after the day-to-day maintenance.

API Catalogue

Apps and APIs

Our suite of outcomes-based modelling APIs can be integrated into your web and mobile applications to help you start engaging with your customers in meaningful ways.

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Economic Scenario Service

A flexible framework for generating economic scenarios

The Economic Scenario Service ("ESS") is a suite of mathematical models that allows you to explore the consequences of today’s business decisions on tomorrow’s outcomes.

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Strategic Asset Allocations

Strategic Asset Allocations

Our strategic asset allocations are designed to provide the optimal framework for fund managers to develop solutions for a given customer risk profile. 

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GO™ for Investment Pathways

Learn more about how our GO for investment pathways app can enable your customers to make more informed retirement decisions. 

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Hyman's partnering approach and combination of technology solutions, consulting services and distribution reach has enabled us to deliver a market leading proposition to our customers. It is a pleasure working with them

Martin Jennings - CEO, Parmernion

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