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Our suite of outcomes-based modelling APIs can be integrated into your web and mobile applications to help you start engaging with your customers in meaningful ways.

Our sophisticated and robust tools and APIs can help meet your needs. Our APIs provide an easy, effective way for you to access our services from your own applications. Those services include our industry leading models such as the Economic Scenario Services (ESS) for economic simulations, Club Vita for longevity, and Guided Outcomes for goal-based guidance.

Our applications allow end-users to interact with the underlying APIs. They can offer you a white-label solution with little or no requirement for in-house development or maintenance. We are constantly upgrading our APIs and modelling so that you can leverage the enhanced capabilities. 

How we can help

Our API product suites provide programmatic access to a range of industry leading algorithms and data sources to support financial modelling, proposition development and analytics in relation to UK lifetime savings and protection.

We lead the market in outcomes-based modelling. All our APIs are simple, secure, reliable and scalable and are already used by a number of large organisations and household names.

Browse the API Catalogue

You can view our API Catalogue below. Our APIs are organised by product to enable you to easily find the functionality you need. Select a product to view its associated APIs. You can select each individual API to view a summary description of the functionality it provides along with its inputs and outputs.

Licensing APIs

To find out more about pricing information and details on how to license our APIs please get in touch.

Viewing your licensed APIs

You can view your licensed APIs in the Developer Area after signing up. You’ll find detailed documentation for the APIs and can test the APIs you’re subscribed to.

Integrating our APIs

Find out the information you need to integrate our APIs within your own products including technical information and specifications.

Find out more about using our APIs

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Martin Jennings - CEO, Parmernion

Frequently asked questions

We've shared some of our most frequently asked questions below. If the answer to your question isn't there or you want to find out more please get in touch.

What’s an API?

API is an acronym for application program interface. An API is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. Our APIs provide an easy, effective and standards-base way for you to access our services from your applications.

Where can I browse your API catalogue?

You can see our API Catalogue here. Our APIs are organised by product to enable you to easily find the functionality you need.

How do I license your APIs?

To find out how to license our APIs please get in touch.

Where can I view my licensed APIs?

To access or view your licensed our APIs visit our Developer Area.

How do I integrate your APIs?

To find more information about using or integrating our APIs click here.

Where can I find technical information about your APIs?

You can find more information about our APIs including technical information and specifications here.

How do I find out more?

If you want to find out more about using our APIs please get in touch.

What standards do your APIs use?

Our APIs follow REST standards, the de facto-accepted way to make APIs accessible on the internet.

What’s your approach to data privacy?

Our APIs are anonymised by design. API inputs and outputs are specifically designed to avoid consuming or producing personally-identifying information (PII).

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