Financial Wellbeing

Our subsidiary company, Hymans Robertson Personal Wealth, works to inspire, motivate and empower people to gain better control and understanding of their finances, transforming their relationship with money.

How do they help?

The Personal Wealth team are here to help with life’s big events and challenges. We do this through four services:

Financial wellbeing workshops

Help your people broaden their understanding of a range of important financial topics through a series of interactive seminars covering life’s big events and challenges.

One-to-one guidance sessions

Bookable sessions increase your people’s confidence when they need it thanks to more meaningful guidance from our friendly financial experts. These clinics can be run virtually or on-site.

Individual coaching

A year of dedicated one-to-one financial coaching sets goals and clear actions, builds resilience and puts your people in control of their financial wellbeing.

Financial advice

Regulated advice from highly qualified advisers, giving your people confidence to meet their financial goals.

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More about Hymans Robertson Personal Wealth

These unregulated services are on a guidance basis only and are only available through the workplace.

The advice service is fully regulated.

To find out more information, please visit our website here.

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