Together, building better futures since 1921

Celebrating our Centenary

2021 was a big milestone for us – we turned 100. Not many companies reach this ripe old age, so hitting our centenary is something we’re proud of and wanted to celebrate. 100 years of embracing change, innovating and navigating uncertainty. But our birthday year was as much a chance to look to the future as it was to reflect on the past. We care about building better futures so throughout the year we looked at the big issues that affect us all, from climate change and financial security to diversity & inclusion and the role that technology will increasingly have to play in the future.

You can find out more on each of these themes below and we’ll continue to explore these themes going forward. Be sure to follow us to stay up-to-date.

On demand events

Using technology to build better financial futures

How do we ensure we are using technology in the right way to deliver better financial futures for generations to come? Watch our on demand webinars where our hosts and guests explored this topic.
Our diversity & inclusion vision

Together, building a diverse and inclusive future

We have always wanted to make a positive impact within and beyond our firm. Doing the right thing for the communities in which we live and work is an integral part of our firm’s purpose. Our diversity and inclusion vision sets out what we want to achieve and how we will do it. Find out more.
Industry view

Creating a financial ‘safety-net’

What can be done to encourage more individuals towards building a more robust financial safety-net? We invited a panel of experts from leading insurance and savings providers, who are all focused on improving financial security, to share their views. Hear what they had to say.
Interactive Timeline

1921 - 2021

Take a trip down memory lane with our 100th birthday timeline. We dived into the history books to discover the events that shaped the past 100 years. We wanted to celebrate milestones that aligned with our purpose of building better futures, so have focused on diversity, technology and innovation.
Podcast mini-series

Together, building more financially secure futures

In this series we focused on the theme of building better financial security, and a key element of that is saving enough for retirement. In the third and final episode of our podcast mini-series Greer welcomes three scheme members who are all at different stages in the retirement journey.
Climate event replay

Building a sustainable future for generations to come

This virtual event discussed the urgent need for action on climate change. We had a wide range of great speakers including Steve Waygood (Aviva Investors) and Zamzam Ibrahim (Students Organising for Sustainability) who shared the Gen Z perspective. You can catch the sessions here.

Hymans 100 Client Interviews

We asked some of our clients to tell us what it’s really like working with us – and what they wish for if they could blow out the candles on our birthday cake. Amongst others we spoke to Strathclyde Pension Fund, CMP, Parmenion and more. 

Watch now

Our climate vision and pledge

We want to play our part in a net-zero carbon future. To mark turning 100 this year, we’re making a pledge to become carbon neutral from 2021, and to halve our carbon footprint* by 2025. We will also be lifetime net zero by 2025 - meaning we’ll have off-set all of our carbon footprint dating back to 1921. And, climate risks will be an integral part of our research, services and advice - and the way that we run our firm. You can read more about our commitments below.

*Our 2019/20 carbon footprint (before renewable energy) of 1988 tonnes.


Our climate pledge is about making sustainability intrinsic to our firm and culture - and to keep it that way - for the next 100 years.

John Dickson - Senior Partner

Our climate vision and pledge

Watch our video to discover more about our climate vision and how we’d love to make a difference with you.

Celebrating 100 years

For our 100th birthday we created a video to show our evolution of our logo throughout the years.

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Purpose with impact

We believe all businesses have a responsibility to use their influence to make a positive impact in the world around them. We always aim to behave ethically and are committed to creating positive change.

Difference is strength

We celebrate and embrace difference. Our inclusive culture empowers our people to be themselves and thrive. This extends to our clients, customers and communities we work in.