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Nicola Kenyon, Head of Insurance Investment & ALM

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Investment decisions and ALM strategy are central to gaining a competitive edge, delivering profits and managing risk and capital. 

Our insurance investment experts will help you navigate the regulatory and investment landscapes, and unlock the potential in your balance sheet.

How we can help

We help our clients to develop a deep understanding of the asset and market risks held on insurers’ balance sheets. Our work is constantly developing to reflect regulatory change, political change and the pace at which the industry is progressing. We draw on seasoned investment and ALM professionals, alongside quantitative modelling specialists, to support our clients in the following areas:

  • Credit risk modelling and management, including illiquid assets
  • Asset structuring, risk identification and internal ratings
  • Matching Adjustment
  • Market risks such as inflation and liquidity management
  • Funded reinsurance
  • Reviewing hedge design and effectiveness
  • Advising on investment governance frameworks
  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Responsible investment and climate risk; and
  • Investment manager selection and benchmarking

Understand the investment landscape

Operating in today's market and regulatory environment throws up challenges.

By drawing on our experienced investment and ALM professionals, our dedicated manager research team and quantitative modelling experts, we can help you gain a competitive edge.

We can help, whether it be developing and implementing ALM strategies, portfolio modelling, asset manager selection or advising on hedge design.

We would love to support you in making the most of this changing landscape. 

A leading life insurer recently required a senior adviser to support its Matching Adjustment application to the PRA.

Our considerable investment and ALM expertise, coupled with our wider knowledge of the insurance market, enabled us to provide innovative and pragmatic solutions to issues such as asset eligibility, cash flow matching and portfolio governance.

Our support ensured an on-time submission to the PRA and is helping the firm to fulfil its business objectives whilst at the same time complying with increasing regulations.

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