Pay Gap Reporting

UK legislation introduced in 2017 means that all organisations employing more than 250 people must report on a number of key metrics to illustrate their gender pay gap.

The gender pay gap measures the difference in average earnings for all male and female employees, regardless of their role, seniority or geographical location.

This report details the salary and bonus gaps between males and females at Hymans Robertson across the UK. Our data is provided in line with government regulations for calculating gender pay gaps, which is based on legally recognised genders (male and female). However, the wording of the regulations refers to men and women and as these are more inclusive terms, we have used them throughout our report.

We also recognise gender is not binary and some of our colleagues may not identify as men or women. Our reward approach is inclusive of all colleagues irrespective of gender identity, as we continue to strive towards a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture for all.

Similarly, the ethnicity pay gap measures the difference in average earnings of white and under-represented ethnic employees.

We’re committed to creating a fully diverse and inclusive working environment in our business and are pleased to share our pay gap reports below. 

2023 Gender pay gap report (published March 2024)

2022 Gender pay gap report (published March 2023)

2020-21 and 2021-22 Gender pay gap report (published September 2021)

2019 Gender pay gap report (published April 2020)

2018 Gender pay gap report (published March 2019)

2017 Gender pay gap report (published January 2018)

If you have any questions about anything in this report please contact Gill Tait.