Planning your journey to buy-out

Over 75% of Defined Benefit (DB) pension schemes are now targeting buy-out and around 40% of those schemes expect to fully insure within the next five years*. Buy-out is a complex stage in a pension scheme’s evolution, with a clear need for a cohesive and integrated journey plan.

Our analysis shows that not having a journey to buy-out plan in place could lead to unnecessary costs of between £20-30m for a typical scheme, as well as impacting on member confidence in the scheme more generally. Planning your journey to buy-out sooner rather than later is paramount.

That’s why we’ve developed the guide below - to help trustees and sponsors agree on a comprehensive plan, covering strategy and actions to help your scheme reach buy-out confidently and efficiently.

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How do you best navigate your journey to buy-out?

In this webinar, our panel of experts bring to life the administrations, investment, actuarial and funding perspectives of what is needed to successfully settle the affairs of a DB pension scheme.

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