Set the right PACE to buy-out

If your defined benefit (DB) pension scheme is targeting buy-out, you need a cohesive strategy and plan to get there. And you need them sooner rather than later.

PACE: focusing strategy on buy-out

To help you deliver a successful buy-out strategy, we’ve developed PACE. Using a strategic approach to buy-out, PACE integrates affordability, investment and due diligence considerations to create a clear pathway for your scheme.

Timing is everything, and affordability is no use without readiness. Using PACE, we bring both together. We'll work with you on the right timeframe for buy-out, optimising your strategy, co-ordinating all due diligence tasks and then checking progress along the way. We’re focused on making the best use of time leading up to the buy-out, so you can get your scheme ready.

Using PACE, we’ll ensure you reach your buy-out destination confidently and efficiently. Ultimately, this ensures you get the best outcome for your members.

See the road ahead with the PACE app

Alongside leadership from a trusted adviser, your scheme will benefit from specialised technology. Our PACE app will help you make the right decisions for your buy-out strategy.


Working with Hymans Robertson

With over 100 years of experience working with trustees and sponsors, we love to build strong partnerships with clients to maximise value and reduce uncertainty. The decisions we help our clients make have important, real-world consequences. We’re committed to working with you all the way to the end of your DB journey, until the last pension is secured.

With PACE, you’ll benefit from: 

The right strategy, optimised for buy-out

  • Set a clear timeframe to drive planning and decisions. 
  • Keep plans on track, control costs and capture opportunities when they arise. 

Market-leading risk transfer consultancy

  • Risk Reduction Adviser of the Year at the 2023 UK Pensions Awards.
  • We have led risk transfer transactions totalling more than £30 billion.
  • An excellent reputation among insurers for running efficient, well managed and well executed transactions.

Innovative digital tools that help you make better decisions

  • Our PACE app lets you see how close you are to buy-out, based on dynamic annuity pricing, because insurer pricing isn’t ‘gilts plus’.
  • Test how various funding and investment decisions would affect your journey, both in time and risk.

Smooth transition to wind-up

  • Completing a transaction is just one step in the process to ultimate buy-out and wind-up of a scheme. 
  • Work done in lead up to transaction helps put you in the best possible position.
  • We'll make sure the job is finished efficiently.

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