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If you’re involved in managing a pension scheme with over 7 million members, risk is never far from your mind. Whether you're making investment decisions, liaising with employers about contributions, or making sure that member service is good, you’re managing risk.

We're running a series of LGPS risk management webinars, where we'll discuss how and why funds should look at risk holistically and spotlight how specific risk can be managed.

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Funding risk monitoring

Regular monitoring of funding risk at Fund and employer level is a key part of robust risk management. Read our publication on what funding risk best practice looks like.

And for our funding risk monitoring webinar, Andrew McKerns and Tom Hoare discuss why monitoring funding risk between valuations is so important, best practice and stakeholder engagement.

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Holistic risk management

Working in the LGPS, you’re making decisions which impact the livelihoods of millions. How do you know you’re making good decisions? How do interested parties know you’re making good decisions? And, how do you do this and save time? The answer is simply physics. Read Susan Black’s article to find out more. You can also hear our recommended five step approach to holistic risk management here.

For the second webinar in our series, Neil Mason, from Surrey County Council, joined us to discuss the importance of risk management, how it can make life easier and why looking at risk holistically can help with decision-making.

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Employer investment strategies

Read Julie Baillie's publication on utilising employer investment strategies to manage risk for LGPS employers.

You can also watch the third webinar in our LGPS risk management series on-demand. Robbie McInroy was joined by Julie Baillie, and guest speaker, Alex Younger from Norfolk Pension Fund, to discuss employer investment strategies.

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Longevity risk

Read Jill Jamieson and Richard Warden's publication, where they explore longevity risk, excess mortality rates across the UK, what the future holds and actions for funds.

The fourth webinar in our Managing risk in the LGPS series is available to watch on-demand. In this session, Richard Warden is joined by Jill Jamieson, Head of Pensions at Club Vita UK, for a discussion on longevity risk.

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Cash flow risk

The fifth webinar in our LGPS risk management series is available to watch on-demand. Robbie McInroy, Chris Arcari and Reece Notman discussed the current inflationary position and outlook; medium-term risks and alternative inflation forecasts; analysis of the impact on LGPS funds cash flow requirements; and what funds can do to manage this risk. 

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Administration risk

Watch the sixth webinar in our LGPS risk management series on-demand, where we shine a spotlight on administration risk. In this session, Susan Black is joined by Ian Colvin, Head of LGPS Benefit Consulting and Kate Dickson, Senior Project Consultant for a discussion on key administration risks, how funds can address, monitor and mitigate these risks, and finally, what other funds have done to manage some of their key administration risks.


Climate risk

Read our publication, where Greer Flanagan, Peter MacRae and Sanjay Joshi focus on climate risk. You can also watch our webinar on-demand where we discuss how climate scenarios are currently used and our latest thinking. Read more in this publication, where Sanjay Joshi discusses how we've evolved our approach to climate scenario analysis and modelling. 


Cyber risk

The eighth webinar in our LGPS risk management series is available to watch on-demand, where Susan Black was joined by Alan Johnson, for a spotlight on cyber risk. During the webinar, our experts explore the current cyber risk guidance from the Pensions Regulator, what actions LGPS funds can take in order to better understand and manage cyber risk and how best to engage with the relevant stakeholders on cyber risk.

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