LGPS Knowledge Progress Assessment 2023

Following the success of our LGPS National Knowledge Assessments (2020 and 2022) and our Knowledge Progress Assessment (KPA) in 2021, we're delighted to share details of our 2023 LGPS Knowledge Progress Assessment for LGPS Committee and Board members. 

Why is this assessment important to your Fund?

It’s important that funds are regularly assessing knowledge levels to ensure their training plans are delivering the knowledge and understanding levels expected by The Pensions Regulator and Scheme Advisory Board.

In July, the government launched the LGPS “next steps in investment” consultation, proposing that funds must have a training policy for Committee members, and that funds must report on progress against this policy regularly. While this has always been best practice, the intention is to mandate this in the near future.

It’s also vital for all LGPS funds to demonstrate that their Committee and Board members have an adequate level of knowledge to carry out their roles effectively. Our KPA will provide key evidence and insight into the knowledge levels of your decision-making and oversight groups.

By participating in the assessment, your Fund will receive:

  • Access to multiple-choice online knowledge assessments for your Committee, Board and Officers (if required) - updated questions for 2023
  • Knowledge progress results report with analysis of your Fund's results
  • Our feedback on the results and suggested next steps
  • If required, a recommended training plan tailored for your Committee and Board members based on results and feedback comments

The online assessment will be available on 18 September and will cover the 8 topics of the CIPFA Knowledge and Skills framework, and has been designed to complement Hymans' LGPS Online Learning Academy.

If your Fund would like to access this assessment, please sign up here.

If you've got questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.