DB funding changes move closer

08 May 2024

A new framework for funding defined benefit pension schemes will come into force later this year. Where are we now and what details are still to come?

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) published its final regulations governing occupational pension schemes in January 2024, after consulting on the draft in July 2022. They came into force with effect on 6 April 2024, and will apply to valuations with effective dates from 22 September 2024 onwards.

You can now read our comprehensive briefing on the most recent updates to the defined benefit (DB) pension scheme funding regulations. We outline what the final regulations are and explore the forthcoming updates to The Pensions Regulator's DB funding code.

Our overview will also allow you to gain insights into how these changes will impact trustees' responsibilities, including the introduction of new investment strategies and enhanced consideration of employer covenants. We hope you’ll be able to prepare effectively for the future with our detailed analysis, ensuring your pension strategy is both compliant and optimised for the evolving regulatory landscape.

Read the full briefing here

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