The Fintech Feed Episode 9

Pensions Dashboards: The matching challenge

10 Nov 2022


The Fintech Feed is our technology-focussed podcast series brought to you by Hymans Robertson. We focus on hot topics in Fintech, especially around how technology is impacting the long-term savings market.

In the ninth episode, our host James Sheehan, co-Head of Digital Strategy for our pensions market, is joined by Maurice Titley, Chief Innovation Officer and Director at ITM – a pensions data consultancy and technology provider. We discuss the pension industry’s accelerating journey to connecting people to all of their pension pots in one place via the Pensions Dashboard and what has been dubbed the “matching challenge”.

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Key Topics
  • Introduction to Pensions Dashboards : (03:37)
  • The matching challenge and why it's critical to the success of the dashboard : (10:12)
  • Systemic issues pertaining to data quality across the pensions administration space : (14:35)
  • Findings from ITM’s research on how we might expect the pensions dashboard to connect people up to their old pensions : (18:04)
  • Advice for trustees, and providers (of data to the dashboard) : (25:10)


James Sheehan

by James Sheehan
Head of Digital Strategy (Pensions)

Maurice Titley

by Maurice Titley
Chief Innovation Officer and Director at ITM