The Fintech Feed Episode 10

Cookies - an insightful tool or an unnecessary annoyance

05 Dec 2022


The Fintech Feed is our technology-focussed podcast series, where we explore the growing impact of data and technology on the financial services industry. In this episode we take a look at digital marketing. 

In episode 10 Scott Finnie chats to Natalie Drucker, Global Head of Digital Strategy & Analytics at Thoughtworks, and Gillian Nugent, Digital Marketing Lead at Hymans Robertson to discuss the internet cookie. Is it a useful tool or a mere annoyance?

The UK privacy landscape has changed quite a lot over the last few years and further changes are imminent. The GDPR introduced consent, Google is banning 3rd party cookies and many users have become more privacy focused. There has been much discussion around ‘the death of the cookie’ but what does a cookieless future look like. How can we get rid of that annoying pop-up for good and pivot toward more traditional, ethical human-centric marketing? Listen in to find out more.

Listen to our 25-minute podcast to find out more.

Key Topics
  • What are cookies? : (2m)
  • Why do we need cookie pop-up banners? : (4m44s)
  • What is the purpose of tracking cookies? : (10m)
  • What are website dark patterns? : (17m)
  • Where do we see things going in the future? : (24m)


Scott Finnie

by Scott Finnie
Co-Head of Digital Strategy (Financial Services)

Natalie Drucker

by Natalie Drucker
Global Head of Digital Strategy & Analytics at Thoughworks

Gillian Nugent

by Gillian Nugent
Digital Marketing Lead