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06 Apr 2022

Welcome to the second publication in our Embracing the opportunities series, focusing on why and how DC schemes can access infrastructure.

You will have heard about the UK government’s “Build Back Better” growth plan, which requires significant investment in infrastructure. In this publication, we explore whether infrastructure is an asset class DC schemes should explore, and, if so, how investment can be implemented in practice.

In the first publication in our series, we established why those responsible for DC schemes should explore opportunities in illiquid investments to improve retirement outcomes for members. We also dispelled some of the myths associated with investing in less liquid assets.

What is infrastructure?

Infrastructure is commonly defined as the facilities and essential services required for the effective functioning of modern economies. Examples of infrastructure assets include schools, hospitals, airports and power generation assets. Infrastructure is an asset class of considerable diversity; this makes it challenging to evaluate specific opportunities but also underpins the asset class’ diversification potential.

Download our publication for more on:

  • Why DC schemes should invest in infrastructure
  • The potential role infrastructure has in DC strategies
  • How infrastructure can be implemented in DC schemes

Look out for further publications in our illiquid investments for DC schemes series. If you have any questions on the subject in the meantime, please get in touch.

Embracing the opportunities - Building the future


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