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Russell Chapman appointed as Head of Investment Risk Transfer

15 May 2024

Hymans Robertson has appointed Russell Chapman as Head of Investment Risk Transfer. The appointment of Russell to this newly created role highlights the significance the firm gives to its work with DB pensions schemes and their investment requirements during the risk transfer process.  

Advising DB pensions schemes on investment strategy in the run up to buy-in is a crucial element of the work the leading pensions and financial services firm has undertaken for some time.  With the increase in buy-in volumes the firm recognised the importance of this specialist area and the need for leadership.  

In his role, Russell is involved in helping pensions funds set the right investment strategy in the run-up to buy-in covering aspects such as negotiating price locks with insurers, managing down illiquid assets and transitioning portfolios. If the investment aspects of a buy-in are managed well, then it can save pension schemes £millions and materially reduce risk in the run up to a buy-in transaction. 

Russell is an Equity Member at Hymans Robertson and joined the firm in 2003.  He has been involved in leading areas such as integrated risk management, in advising clients on building LDI portfolios and, most recently, in building a team with expertise in investment risk transfer.   

Commenting on what Russell’s role means to the firm and clients, James Mullins, Head of Risk Transfer, Hymans Robertson says: 

“With the risk transfer market growing rapidly it’s important for us that we offer the best service possible to DB pension schemes as they navigate through the whole-scheme buy-in process.  Pensions schemes often have detailed requirements in terms of setting the right strategy, price locks, asset transfer and in dealing with illiquid assets and these need to be addressed at every step of the journey. Russell guides and advises pension schemes to make the best decisions as they complete transactions. This is an area that needs the bespoke expertise that Russell has been offering.  We are creating this role to recognise the important part he plays.  By offering this dedicated expertise he can help ensure transactions are completed successfully, achieving the best outcome for members.”  

Commenting on his appointment, Russell Chapman, Head of Investment Risk Transfer, says: 

“It’s an exciting time in risk transfer at the moment with so many DB schemes reaching the end game and heading to whole-scheme buy-in. I’ve worked on a number of transactions over the past few years and love being able to deal with any problems that arise, helping clients with a step-by-step approach.  This role will give me the opportunity to highlight the help we give to pension schemes as they face crucial investment decisions on their path to buy-in and I’m really looking forward to dedicating my time to continue to develop this activity.” 

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