Spotlight on ESG in Risk Transfer transactions

27 Sep 2022

With the introduction of the climate regulations, Trustees are now required to consider the risks and opportunities that climate change will bring, over appropriate short, medium and long-term time periods for their scheme.

In this short report, we look at Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks in the context of buy-in and buy-out transactions from both sides of the fence – that of the insurer and that of the Trustee – and provide more details on how these risks can be evaluated when looking to secure benefits with an insurer.

In this report we focus on:

  • ESG from the Insurer’s perspective
  • The environmental aspect of ESG
  • ESG from the Trustee’s perspective
  • How can we help support Trustee boards’ assessment of the insurers through an ESG lens

Download the full report here

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