Research Note - August 2022

The challenges of private market climate data

18 Aug 2022

Climate data in private markets mandates

Asset owners require access to reliable climate data to support both their decision making and Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) reporting requirements. Our research demonstrates that managers of private market mandates are generally unprepared to support asset owners in meeting these obligations and that improvements are drastically needed. We also note that data availability is particularly poor in private debt mandates.

Managers should continue to work with underlying investee entities to improve data availability to provide confidence that climate risks are being properly managed. Asset owners should consider adopting a data quality metric within their TCFD governance framework and may wish to frame minimum expectations for climate data reporting when selecting providers.

Download our research paper to read more on our findings and the actions that asset owners and managers should be taking. 

Download our research paper here

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