Collective Defined Contribution Pensions

CDC – Delivering better retirement outcomes

Collective defined contribution (CDC) presents an opportunity to deliver better pensions for millions of savers. We believe CDC has a major role to play in the future of UK retirement savings.

The potential to deliver higher pensions with the same amount being saved is an attractive prize. The opportunity to pool longevity risk solves one of the biggest challenges for DC savers – spending a set pot of money effectively over a time horizon could easily be 3 years or 30 years.

For CDC to thrive and be inclusive for the benefit of members and employers across society, it should be designed to encompass a range of risk sharing options.

We’re working with our clients and the wider industry to deliver better risk sharing in DC today. 

If you have any questions in relation to our work on CDC, please get in touch.

CDC: Developing a framework for the next government

To help prepare for success, we’ve set out developments that the next government could adopt following the election.

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Risk sharing: an age old solution to the old age problem

The pensions industry needs to do more to support good retirement outcomes for DC savers. The focus of this paper is risk sharing in retirement and how the various options might help DC savers, both in theory and in practice.

Designing decumulation defaults in DC pensions

There’ll always be a significant amount of people who will not engage with their retirement savings, so we need to have a safety net in place to give people the best chance. Our latest research paper offers insights into creating a member-centric default decumulation solution for DC pensions.