The new DB Funding Code

The Pensions Regulator has recently published its second consultation on a revised Defined Benefit (DB) Funding Code of Practice – but what does it mean for your scheme? On our hub, you can find resources to help you plot a route through the regulatory changes.


DB funding changes move closer

A new framework for funding defined benefit pension schemes will come into force later this year. Where are we now and what details are still to come?
Case Study

What the new DB funding code means for you

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has been consulting on its new DB funding code for some time. Read our case study to see what the industry experts think.
Glossary of Terms

DB Funding Code

If you are a trustee or sponsor getting ready for the new code you need to understand its key terms and what they mean. Check our glossary to learn more.
Briefing Note

DB funding code: routes to compliance

TPR offers two routes to compliance. Read our latest guide to see which is best for your scheme.

What does the new code mean for you?

The new code will affect trustees and sponsors who can take action now to prepare.

Considerations for companies

Now that the revised DB Funding Code of Practice has finally arrived what should companies and DB pension scheme sponsors be considering?
Case Studies

What the new DB funding code means in practice

The draft DB funding code is coming into force on 1 April 2024.
Webinar replay

A first glance at TPR’s DB Funding Code

Patrick Bloomfield and Catherine Williams from Vidett talk about what the code means for typical schemes and how they can plan ahead.

DB Funding Code Tools

Fast Track or Bespoke: which approach is right for you?

Our updated interactive tool will help you identify whether your current strategy is more suited to the Fast Track or Bespoke route.

What segments does TPR think your scheme is in?

In just five simple steps, our segment identifier can tell you which of TPR’s segments is most relevant to your scheme.