Building Better Financial Security - Episode 28

Encouraging Pension Saving (Part 3)

06 May 2021


As part of our 100th Birthday celebrations this year we are focusing on the key themes that can help build a better future. Over the next few months, we’ll be focusing specifically on the theme of building better financial security, and undoubtedly a key element of that is saving enough for retirement.

In this episode of Hymans Robertson On… our host Greer Flanagan presents the third and final episode in a mini-series of conversations focused on encouraging pension saving. Greer welcomes three scheme members, Ying, Alison and Billy, who are all at different stages in the retirement journey, to talk about what could encourage/have encouraged them to engage with, and save more into their pension.

Key Topics
  • Financial security
  • Pension saving
  • Communications and engagement


Greer Flanagan

by Greer Flanagan
Senior Actuarial Consultant


by Ying
Scheme Member


by Alison
Scheme Member


by Billy