AI: Ethics, Regulation and Opportunities. How to proceed?

19 Jul 2023


The Fintech Feed is our technology-focussed podcast series, where we explore the growing impact of data and technology on the financial services industry.

In this episode, Scott Finnie, Co-Head of Digital Strategy at Hymans Robertson and Dan McMahon, Head of Technology and Innovation at Hymans Robertson, are joined by Jo McLean, Managing Associate at Addleshaw Goddard to dicuss ethics, regulation and opportunities in relation to Artificial Intelligence.

Listen to our 30-minute podcast to find out more.

Key Topics
  • Intro to AI and data : (02:26)
  • Transparency with data subjects : (04:49)
  • Potential use of AI for the pensions market : (08:55)
  • Navigating the risks : (13:19)
  • Ethical considerations in the context of AI : (15:30)
  • Regulation of AI in UK : (19:00)
  • Summary : (24:34)


Scott Finnie

by Scott Finnie
Co-Head of Digital Strategy (Financial Services)

Daniel McMahon

by Daniel McMahon
Head of Technology & Innovation

Jo McLean

by Jo McLean
Managing Associate, Addleshaw Goddard