Are you ready to wind-up?

Guiding you on your wind-up journey

As we start to see more DB pension schemes approach full buy-out funding, we want to make sure you’re ready to complete a wind-up. While a wind up is conceptually simple, in practice, it’s often the most complex and costly project that a scheme will ever undertake.  Understanding how wind-up ready you are is an important first step for schemes looking to start this process.

Our new interactive tool will let you know where you are on the road to buy-out.

Wind-Up Readiness Tool

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In just 5 simple steps, our wind-up readiness tool can broadly tell you how close you are to reaching your ultimate long term objective and what the key considerations might be over the coming years for your scheme’s circumstances.

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Before you get started

You will need the following information to use this tool (approximate figures are fine as this is an approximate model).

  • The funding level on the scheme’s buy-out basis
  • Information on the nature of your scheme
  • An idea of the quality of membership data

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