TPR segment identifier tool

What segment does TPR think your scheme is in?

Like those before it, The Pensions Regulator’s (TPR) 2023 Annual Funding Statement explicitly sets out what you are expected to consider to better manage risk and avoid regulatory intervention. These expectations are set out by grouping schemes into segments, A to E, based on: employer covenant, recovery plan length, strength of funding target and scheme maturity

In just five simple steps, our segment identifier can tell you which of TPR’s segments is most relevant to your scheme and the key actions you should be taking on covenant, investment and funding in response.


Click here to find out what segment TPR thinks you're in

You will need the following information about your scheme:

  • A rating for your sponsor covenant
  • Its funding level, on Technical Provisions and buy-out
  • Its Recovery Plan length
  • The proportion of your liabilities that relate to pensioners

Don't worry if you don't know the exact numbers, approximate figures are all we need.


Please note the outputs from this tool are intended for Trustee or Employer use only. Any outputs sent to you upon completion of this tool do not constitute a definitive analysis of the subjects covered and should not be regarded as a substitute for specific advice nor should it be relied upon. Hymans Robertson LLP accepts no liability for errors or omissions or reliance upon any statement or opinion.