LGPS 2022 Valuation


Delivering your valuation in a climate of change.

Welcome to our 2022 valuation hub where you can access lots of useful information such as our valuation toolkit, webinars, discussion papers and podcasts. We will continue to update this page as we move through the valuation year.

 If you have any questions in relation to the 2022 valuation please get in touch here.

2022 Valuation Results - Early Insights

We're excited to share our early insights into the 2022 LGPS valuation results. Hear from Robert Bilton and Robbie McInroy on some common trends and key themes which are emerging and read Rob’s summary by clicking below.

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Managing Risk at the 2022 Valuations

The triennial valuation is one of the fund’s most important risk management tools. Some of our consultants have looked at key risk areas and given their thoughts on how you can manage them in 2022.

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LGPS 2022 Valuation Toolkit

The final LGPS 2022 Valuation toolkit is available to download! This toolkit serves as a useful reference tool throughout the 2022 valuation. It contains information on operational issues such as preparing for the valuation and technical issues such as funding methodology and assumptions.

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2022 LGPS Valuation First 100 Results

Check out our video on the first 100 local authorities employer contribution, where Rob and Robbie discuss the headlines and what’s looking like good news for the LGPS 2022 valuation.

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Webinar Replay Hub

Visit our webinar replay hub for all webinars relating to the LGPS 2022 Valuation.

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Featured Insights

With the 2022 valuation fast approaching, LGPS funds around the country are preparing for their valuation exercise. Looking ahead, we set ourselves the task of answering some of the questions that will be most commonly asked in the lead up such as: 

Will I be 100% funded at the next valuation?

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