LGPS 2023 Valuation

Delivering your valuation in a climate of change.

Welcome to our 2023 valuation hub where you can access lots of useful information such as our valuation toolkit, webinars, discussion papers and podcasts. We will continue to update this page as we move through the valuation year.

 If you have any questions in relation to the 2023 valuation please get in touch here.

2023 Valuation Results - Early Insights

We're excited to share our early insights into the 2023 LGPS valuation results. Hear from Catherine McFadyen and Julie West on the results and the emerging picture and read Julie’s summary by clicking below.

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Setting your Funding Strategy at the LGPS 2023 Valuation

Watch our webinar on-demand, where Julie West is joined by Julie Baillie and Steven Scott for a focus on topical areas of your funding strategy and how to effectively manage these risks.

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LGPS 2023 Valuation Toolkit

Toolkit for the LGPS 2023 Valuation is now available! This toolkit serves as a useful reference tool throughout the 2023 valuation. It contains information on operational issues such as preparing for the valuation and technical issues such as funding methodology and assumptions.

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Data Submission for LGPS 2023 Valuation

In this webinar, Julie West is joined by Barry Dodds and Anne Cranston, for a discussion on all things data and what Administering Authorities should focus on when it comes to cleansing and submitting data for the valuation.

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What do the 2023 valuations have in store?

There’s something comfortingly familiar about another triennial valuation in the LGPS – data, assumptions, liabilities and contribution rates, plus a discussion on risk! In our latest publication, we explore what the 2023 valuations have in store.

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Preparing for the 2023 valuation 

With the LGPS 2023 valuations in Scotland less than six months away, now is the time to start planning your most successful valuation yet. So, to help you prepare, we have put together this short video which sets out all the major valuation-related tasks you can carry out ahead of 31 March 2023.

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Preparing for the 2023 valuation timeline

Our timeline sets out all the major valuation-related tasks you can carry out to help make 2023 your most successful valuation yet.

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