Risk sharing - an age old solution to the old age problem

02 Nov 2023 : 11:30 - 12:30


Millions of people in the UK are heading towards retirements which are worse than their parents’ generation. The balance of risk has shifted fundamentally to DC savers.

As increasing numbers of DC savers come to retirement in future years it's clear they need help in maximising their income, while managing their savings. The Chancellor’s Mansion House speech put CDC firmly on the agenda as a new risk sharing approach. But there are many flavours of risk sharing available which can be applied to meet the needs of different members.

Our webinar is now available on-demand, where we looked at the needs of customers and the benefits of the different risk sharing solutions available to meet them.

We explored the practicalities of implementing them – what can be delivered today and what needs change for delivery in future. 

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Key Topics
  • Maximising DC savers income for future retirement
  • The Chancellor’s Mansion House Speech
  • The balance of risk shifting fundamentally to DC savers


Kathryn Fleming

by Kathryn Fleming

Paul Todd

by Paul Todd
Director of investment development and delivery, NEST

Jon Hatchett

by Jon Hatchett
Senior Partner

Sasha Butterworth

by Sasha Butterworth
Senior Partner, TLT LLP