Has the LGPS reached a new training milestone following the pooling consultation response?

12 Dec 2023 : 10:30 - 11:00

Our webinar is available to watch on-demand, where Susan Black is joined by Iain Campbell and Andrew McKerns to discuss the impact of the recent Government response to the England and Wales investment pooling consultation on LGPS training requirements.

 In this webinar, our experts discuss:

  • Why we believe training requirements were added to the investment consultation.
  • What ‘appropriate’ Committee training could look like.
  • How this response could change existing training conversations within funds.
  • The challenges for funds to put the Government’s expectations into practice and what this means for training strategies, plans and method.

Why watch on-demand?

You will hear our views on the importance of demonstrating good governance in the LGPS through training plans, and how the expected changes to pool interaction will impact governance and training demands for funds.

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NOT ADVICE. The information made available in this webinar is for general information purposes only. It is not to be relied on for taking (or not taking) any action or decision. It is not a substitute for professional advice (including for legal, investment or tax advice) on specific circumstances. Your Hymans Robertson LLP consultant will be pleased to discuss any issue in greater detail.

Key Topics
  • Consultation impact on training
  • Main challenges
  • Key impacts


Susan Black

by Susan Black
Head of LGPS Governance, Administration & Projects

Andrew McKerns

by Andrew McKerns
Senior Governance and Administration Consultant

Iain Campbell

by Iain Campbell
Head of LGPS Investment