Illiquid assets in the run-up to buy-in

19 Apr 2023 : 10:00-11:00


Many pension schemes can now afford to fully insure via a whole-scheme buy-in much sooner than anticipated, following the material rise in long-term interest rates. Many of these schemes hold a material proportion of illiquid assets, which can be a challenge because these assets have not historically been accepted by insurers as part of the buy-in premium.

Join us on Wednesday 19 April for the third webinar in our Risk Transfer - under the spotlight 2023 series, where James Mullins, Michael Abramson and David Walker explored the options for dealing with illiquid assets in advance, or part, of a buy-in transaction in a way that can allow your whole-scheme buy-in to proceed without delays and potentially save £millions in the process.

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James Mullins

by James Mullins
Partner & Head of Risk Transfer Solutions

Michael Abramson

by Michael Abramson
Partner and Risk Transfer Specialist

David Walker

by David Walker
Chief Investment Officer