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The journey to net zero starts here

19 Oct 2021 - Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Global consensus has rarely been as unified on a single environmental idea like the current push to cut greenhouse gas emissions to net zero in order to limit global temperature rises.

The concept of net zero emissions (“net zero”) has become mainstream so quickly that more than 60% of countries now have some sort of net zero goal, as do at least 20% of the 2,000 largest, publicly listed companies, and investors managing nearly $43 trillion (almost half of the asset management sector globally)1.

Yet for many, the sheer complexity of the issues related to net zero presents the greatest hurdle, rather than an inability or lack of motivation to act. Setting a net zero target, or a timeframe for achieving this can be daunting when the technologies needed to tackle the issue are still on the drawing board, government policy support is limited, and stakeholder pressure to make a commitment rises day-by-day.

To help reduce that complexity, this article provides an explanation of the key points to consider when beginning to develop a net zero investment strategy.

  • What does net zero mean?
  • Why does net zero matter for my investment strategy?
  • Planning for net zero
  • The Hymans journey plan

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The journey to net zero starts here


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