Risk Transfer Report 2023

02 Mar 2023

This is our 2023 Risk Transfer Report. To download our 2024 report, click here.

Our seventh annual Risk Transfer Report comprehensively analyses the pensions bulk annuity market.

2022 overview

2022 was a year of significant economic uncertainty and market volatility, but one where the bulk annuity market remained buoyant and kick-started a very busy 2023. This volatility led to excellent pricing opportunities for some pension schemes already in the market, and, for other schemes, significant improvements in their funding position such that their long-term goal to buy-out is now a viable target in the short term.

In light of this, 2023 is set to be a very busy year in the risk transfer market as many schemes re-assess their end game journey plans and seek quotations. It’s now more important than ever for schemes to ensure that their broking process is appropriate and that they are transaction-ready from a governance, investment and data/ benefits perspective if they want insurers to view their pension scheme as a high priority case in 2023 and beyond.

Report overview

Download our full report where our team of specialists explore these key market changes (plus more!) and look at what these could mean for you. We focus on the following themes: 

  1. Bulk annuity insurers overview - an update on market dynamics over 2022 and our predictions for 2023.
  2. Investment influences - how the volatile investment markets highlighted the challenges illiquid assets can bring to schemes looking to buy-out and how the bulk annuity market is adapting to these challenges.
  3. The trustee perspective - an insight into the modern day broking process, how small schemes can ensure success in a busy market and the importance of member communication over the risk transfer journey.
  4. External influences - an overview of how insurers are adapting to climate change concerns and how regulatory reform may impact the insurance market.
  5. Longevity risk update - how longevity analytics can improve insurer engagement and a case study highlighting how longevity swaps can be used by schemes to reduce risk.

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