Digital Wealth Download - Winter 2023

16 Jan 2023 - Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Welcome to the Winter edition of Digital Wealth Download - our quarterly digital wealth and products newsletter. In this edition, we discuss opportunities for providers in the decumulation market, internet cookies, The Pensions Dashboard and our Future of Retirement Savings conference.

In the spotlight...

The Decumulation Market: Opportunities For Providers

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Cookies - An Insightful Tool Or Unnecessary Annoyance?

The Fintech Feed is our technology-focussed podcast series, where we explore the growing impact of data and technology on the financial services industry. In this episode we take a look at digital marketing. Scott Finnie, our Co-Head of Digital Strategy, Financial Services chats to Natalie Drucker, Global Head of Digital Strategy & Analytics at Thoughtworks, and Gillian Nugent, Digital Marketing Lead at Hymans Robertson to discuss the internet cookie. Is it a useful tool or a mere annoyance?

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The Future of Retirement Savings Conference 

It’s an exciting and pivotal period for retirement saving. What employers, trustees and providers do over the next 5-10 years will play a big part in shaping the future of the retirement journey. Join our conference on Thursday 26th of January in London, or virtually. We'll be exploring new ways of looking at the retirement journey, trends and innovations transforming retirement saving, and ways in which you can optimise your savings plans for the best possible member outcomes.

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Pensions Dashboards - The Matching Challenge

In this Fintech Feed episode, our host James Sheehan, co-Head of Digital Strategy for our pensions market, is joined by Maurice Titley, Chief Innovation Officer and Director at ITM – a pensions data consultancy and technology provider. We discuss the pension industry’s accelerating journey to connecting people to all of their pension pots in one place via the Pensions Dashboard and what has been dubbed the “matching challenge”.

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