The Fintech Feed - Episode 14

Generative AI in the insurance industry

12 May 2024


The Fintech Feed is our technology-focussed podcast series, where we explore the growing impact of data and technology on the financial services industry. In this episode Ross Bagley is joined by Matt Wreford and Dr Dorota Zimnoch from Microsoft, and Dan McMahon from Hymans Robertson. 

They discuss the recent developments in generative AI, its impact on the insurance and financial services industry and how companies can get started.

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This podcast is for information only, It does not constitute any type of advice.

Key Topics
  • Reality of generative AI prospects. : (2 Minutes 50 seconds)
  • How can companies get started? : (9 Minutes 20 seconds)
  • Impact on the insurance and financial services industry. : (16 Minutes 20 seconds)
  • Case Studies and success stories : (26 Minutes)


Ross Bagley

by Ross Bagley
Associate Consultant

Daniel McMahon

by Daniel McMahon
Head of Technology & Innovation

Matt  Wreford

by Matt Wreford

Dr Dorota Zimnoch

by Dr Dorota Zimnoch