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Case study on Allied Domecq Pension Fund

The key to success in securing one of the largest buy-ins

13 Jan 2020

In September 2019, the Allied Domecq Pension Fund completed a £3.8bn buy-in covering over 27,000 members, including 10,000 deferred pensioners. This is the largest ever buy-in to include deferred members.

But how did they go about securing this outcome?

Read our latest case study where we share insights on the key factors that led to this successful transaction.

In particular we focus on: 

  • Preparation – setting up a joint working party allowed the scheme to be well-prepared in 3 key areas: assets, benefits, and data.
  • Market engagement – managing the busy buy-in/buy-out market and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit by clearly setting out objectives to insurers and maintaining flexibility in terms of its process and timeline.
  • Sealing the deal -  choosing to accelerate the insurer selection process meant that the Fund was immunised against changes to the buy-in premium during the final stages of negotiations, and helped to ensure that there were no surprises.

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