Asset Managers

We offer insights and support to enable asset managers effectively and sustainably participate in the UK DC workplace pension market.

How can we help?

To date, we’ve supported a number of leading asset managers to better understand the DC market and we can support in the following key areas:

Market insights

We provide insight on the current and expected future state of the DC market, utilising the strength of our provider and investment research teams to identify trends and anticipated direction of travel.  Our insight covers both pension providers and investment platforms.

Distribution support

We can work with you to develop your distribution strategy to identify commercial opportunities, aligned with your objectives and strategic direction and be well positioned to engage in meaningful conversations with potential buyers.

Product design

We can work with you to design a new solution, providing advice on aspects including fund structuring, charging structure and strategic asset allocation, thanks to our strong understanding of DC client needs and platform requirements.

Product assessment

We can assess your fund capabilities and what would be most relevant for DC, enabling you to concentrate your marketing and distribution efforts.

Member outcomes modelling

We’re uniquely placed to help you articulate your offering through our digital capabilities. Using our Hymans’ Expected Retirement Outcomes (HERO) modeller, we can identify where your solutions could fit within DC investment strategies and articulate the potential improvement in outcomes.

DC Investment

A well thought through and executed investment strategy is fundamental to ensure better outcomes for DC scheme members.

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