The LGPS Success Story

08 Jun 2022


Our LGPS Governance, Administration & Project Management event took place Wednesday 8 June. We recorded each of our sessions to allow those who couldn't attend to watch on-demand

We’ve seen some fantastic success in the LGPS in recent years. But how often do we take a step back to reflect on the hard work of administering authorities, officers and its advisors? 

The event was an opportunity to get together in person to discuss the solutions which funds have implemented to improve governance, administration and the delivery of change. Change is a constant for the LGPS so we'll look to the future and what we can do now to be prepared. 

During the on-demand webinar we discuss:

  • The Future of LGPS Governance
  • How funds have managed the challenge of training
  • How funds have adapted & succeeded with administration pressures
  • The key to achieving goals and objectives through effective business planning

If you have any questions on anything we discuss, please get in touch

Key Topics
  • LGPS Governance
  • The challenge of training
  • Administration pressures
  • Effective business planning


Susan Black

by Susan Black
Head of LGPS Governance, Administration & Projects

Ian Colvin

by Ian Colvin
Head of LGPS Benefit Consulting

Kate Dickson

by Kate Dickson
Senior Project Manager

Alan Johnson

by Alan Johnson
Governance & Administration Consultant

Andrew McKerns

by Andrew McKerns
Senior Governance and Administration Consultant