Better Futures 100 - Stream 2

The good, the bad and the ugly of tech in our industry

18 Nov 2021


Technology has the potential to radically transform the world for the better. So, how do we ensure that we're using technology in the right way to deliver a better financial future for generations to come?

At our virtual event on Thursday 18 November we brought together experts from a broad range of disciplines and explored the role technology plays within long-term savings, now and in the future.

Tech is a powerful tool for delivering financial services, but how well is it utilised under the changing landscape of client needs? As responsibility shifts from institutions to individuals, how can we as an industry ensure that our tech expertise is targeted in the right way? And, achieving the right objectives for an increasing number of people managing their own financial future? In this session our panel explored the good, the bad, and the ugly of tech in our industry.

This session was an interactive guided discussion covering topics such as: 

  • Which areas of tech are we doing well at within our industry?

  • Is technological expertise filtering into the individual retail and consumer markets?

  • Is this happening fast enough?

Key Topics
  • What areas of tech are we doing well?
  • Ensuring tech is targeted in the right way?
  • Helping people manage their own financial futures


Richard Allen

by Richard Allen
Head of Workplace Distribution, Personal Wealth

Chris Varley

by Chris Varley
Head of LGPS Digital

Ben Ross

by Ben Ross