The corporate pensions viewpoint: DB pensions run-on, the detail matters

20 Jun 2024 : 10:00 - 11:00


In the ever-changing landscape of the pension market, more schemes are now assessing whether a run-on endgame strategy is right for them. Whilst the financial upside for corporates and pension scheme members of a run-on strategy can be very attractive at a headline level, understanding the complexities of run-on from the corporate perspective is really important. 

Our webinar is available to watch on-demand. Sachin Patel was joined by our colleague Aimee Leese and our guest speaker, John Hubbleday from BDO they discussed the intricacies of run-on pension strategies. This webinar focuses on some of the less obvious but critical challenges, considerations and impacts of a run-on endgame strategy for corporates.

During this session, we covered key topics including:

  • An overview of the different endgame strategies.
  • Accounting complexities that need to be worked through.
  • The role that covenant plays in the run-on strategy.
  • Other considerations, such as the importance of clear governance and understanding the member perspective.

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Key Topics
  • Different endgame strategies
  • Accounting complexities
  • The role that covenant plays in the run-on strategy


Sachin Patel

by Sachin Patel
Senior Actuarial Consultant

Aimee Leese

by Aimee Leese
Actuarial Consultant