Webinar replay

Panel discussion: Making a DB endgame strategy work in practice

02 Nov 2021


Replay the final session in our series of webinars, which are all designed to help corporate sponsors develop and then implement a comprehensive DB endgame strategy.

In this session, Leonard Bowman and Alistair Russell-Smith are joined by Donald Fleming, Partner at RSM and Chris Martin, Executive Chairman at ITS to discuss strategies for making an endgame strategy work in practice for both sponsors and trustees.

The 45-minute session covers:

  • Endgame planning from a covenant and professional trustee perspective
  • Examples of what works (and perhaps what does not!) when companies want to collaborate with their trustees on endgame strategy


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Key Topics
  • Covenant and professional trustee perspectives
  • Examples for corporates wanting to colloborate with trustees on endgame


Leonard Bowman

by Leonard Bowman
Partner & Head of Corporate Consulting

Donald Fleming

by Donald Fleming
Partner, RSM

Chris Martin

by Chris Martin
Executive Chairman, ITS