How can alternative risk transfer options benefit you?

31 Mar 2022


What's the advice process stakeholders need to go through to decide whether alternative risk transfer options might be right for your scheme? 

Watch the second webinar in our Risk Transfer - under the spotlight 2022 series, where Iain Pearce, Tom Stockley (20-20 Trustees) and Jeanette Holland (Baker & McKenzie) explore how to balance the benefits of loss absorbing third party capital against the risks associated with seeking returns for capital providers.

In this webinar, we explain the key commercial terms and how these could be assessed to help all those who are wondering whether these solutions can support their target endgame, or be an important contingency as part of their risk management strategy.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

Key Topics
  • Alternative risk transfer options
  • Capital backed journey plans ("CPJP")


James Mullins

by James Mullins
Partner & Head of Risk Transfer Solutions

Iain  Pearce

by Iain Pearce
Partner & Head of Alternative Risk Transfer

Tom Stockley

by Tom Stockley
Client Director, Vidett

Jeanette Holland

by Jeanette Holland
Partner at Baker & McKenzie