Webinar replay

Getting ready for TCFD

08 Jul 2021


Watch our webinar on-demand, where our panel of experts guide you through the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (“TCFD”) requirements and help you ensure you're taking the right steps to meet the recommendations.

The session covers what trustees need to have in their action plan and what they can be doing to take action on climate risk. We were also joined by guest speaker Caroline Wehrle, Trustee at the Diageo Pension Scheme, who shares her experiences and learnings on getting ready for TCFD.

If you have any questions about anything discussed please get in touch.

Key Topics
  • An overview of TCFD and the new regulatory requirements
  • Key planning considerations for pension schemes and trustees
  • Challenges and how to overcome them
  • A case study & Q&A with Caroline Wehrle, Trustee at Diageo Pension Scheme


Ben Farmer

by Ben Farmer
Senior Investment Consultant

Caroline Wehrle

by Caroline Wehrle
Trustee, Diageo Pension Scheme