Better Futures 100 - Stream 3

Democratising access to best in class savings expertise

18 Nov 2021


Technology has the potential to radically transform the world for the better. So, how do we ensure that we're using technology in the right way to deliver a better financial future for generations to come?

At our virtual event on Thursday 18 November we brought together experts from a broad range of disciplines and explored the role technology plays within long-term savings, now and in the future.

In this session, we examined how institutional grade modelling and data can use digital technology to deliver better outcomes to customers.  

More specifically, we sought to answer following questions:

  • How can ordinary savers access the same investment expertise of £bn pension schemes?

  • How does digital help solve the advice gap problem? 

  • What are the new developments we see coming – and the gaps that are still not being filled?

Key Topics
  • Democratising investment expertise
  • Does digital solve the advice gap problem?
  • New developments