Event replay - Keynote 1

The urgent need for action in tackling climate risk

25 Mar 2021


For 100 years, we’ve been embracing change, innovating and navigating uncertainty. We’re proud to host our inaugural event on climate change where we share our vision for the future. We want to work with you to make a difference and help build a sustainable future for generations to come.

Watch the first keynote session from our climate event with Steve Waygood, Chief Responsible Investment Officer at Aviva Investors.

Climate change isn't inevitable, we still have time to take action and make changes. Steve discusses the science behind climate change, the economics, financial implications and how we can take collective action.

Drawing on some of his experiences at Aviva Investors, he sets out some actions that companies can take to manage climate risk better- the need to pause, think, train and use the data available. His session is followed by a live Q&A with our audience.

We want to play our part in a net-zero carbon future. To mark our 100th birthday we’re making a pledge to become carbon neutral from 2021 and to be lifetime net zero by 2025. You can find out more about our climate vision here.

Key Topics
  • The science behind climate change
  • The economics
  • Financial implications
  • How to take collective action
  • Q&A session


Steve Waygood

by Steve Waygood
Chief Responsible Investment Officer, Aviva Investors