A road map for Superfund Transactions: A practical guide for advisors and trustees 

21 Mar 2024 : 10:00 - 11:00


2023 changed the de-risking landscape with the first superfund transaction. This confirmed that superfunds are a realistic option for schemes looking to settle liabilities where insurance may not be possible. As the landscape of pension transactions continues to evolve, the journey towards a superfund solution can be both intriguing and perceived as complex.  

Watch our webinar on-demand, where Iain Pearce was joined by Dan Adams from Clara Pensions, Tom Stockley from Vidett and Jonathan Hazlett from Osborne Clark. In this exclusive session, they demystified the superfund transaction process, provided a transparent look into key stages, potential pitfalls, and lessons learned from those who have successfully traversed the superfund transaction terrain.   

During this session, our experts discussed:

  • The superfund framework and the Clara superfund model.  
  • Highlighted key issues for pension schemes considering transferring to a superfund, and how these differ to an insurance transaction. 
  • Provided valuable insights into the transaction timeline and key milestones.  
  • Heard real-life stories and lessons learned from individuals who have navigated the challenges of superfund transactions.   

Don’t worry if you were unable to join live, register now, and you can watch on-demand at a time convenient to you.   

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NOT ADVICE. The information made available in this webinar is for general information purposes only. It is not to be relied on for taking (or not taking) any action or decision. It is not a substitute for professional advice (including for legal, investment or tax advice) on specific circumstances. Your Hymans Robertson LLP consultant will be pleased to discuss any issue in greater detail.

Key Topics
  • Recap the superfund framework and the Clara superfund model.
  • Share learnings and insights from the groundbreaking Debenhams transaction.
  • Provide practical insights into the transaction timeline and key milestones. 
  • Hear the perspectives first hand from those who have completed a superfund transaction.  


Iain  Pearce

by Iain Pearce
Partner & Head of Alternative Risk Transfer

Tom Stockley

by Tom Stockley
Client Director, Vidett

Dan Adams

by Dan Adams
Chief Commercial Officer, Clara Pensions

Jonathan  Hazlett

by Jonathan Hazlett
Partner, Osborne Clarke