Deforestation - what does it mean for investors?

15 Feb 2023 - Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Globally, we lose over ten million hectares of forest each year. This creates financial risk for asset owners as well as broader implications for communities and society. If asset owners are to be part of the solution in reducing deforestation, then there is a need to both understand the issue and the steps that can be taken.

This paper on deforestation, written with the support of Global Canopy, covers the key issues for institutional investors, including:

  • What is deforestation?

  • How does deforestation relate to climate change, biodiversity loss and society?

  • Why does deforestation matter for investors?

  • What actions can asset owners take to tackle deforestation?

Look out for the rest of our mini-series of articles on biodiversity and investment, which will share further insights on how institutional investors can address biodiversity-related issues. Our Briefing Note on Biodiversity can be found here.

If you would like to explore how climate and nature related opportunities may be factored into your investment arrangements, please contact us or your usual Hymans Robertson consultant.

About Global Canopy

This paper was written with the support of Global Canopy, a data-driven not for profit that targets the market forces destroying nature. They do this by improving transparency and accountability. Global Canopy provides innovative open-access data, clear metrics, and actionable insights to leading companies, financial institutions, governments, and campaigning organisations worldwide to help them make better decisions about nature, forests and people.

Deforestation, what does it mean for investors?


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