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A closer look at Clara

10 Sep 2020

Revisiting the Clara-Pensions model nearly two years later, it’s incredible what has changed. And what hasn’t.

While we’ve seen a seismic shift in life, work and DB consolidation, Clara-Pensions has remained fundamentally the same. However, the regulatory, economic and human backdrop for Clara-Pensions has changed considerably.

This is a fresh look at our first in-depth review of Clara-Pensions (Clara). In this issue, we shine a light on Clara's commercial consolidator proposition, looking at:

  • what is Clara-Pensions and how does it work?
  • what is the impact of Clara-Pensions on member outcomes?
  • when might Clara-Pensions be an appropriate option to consider? and
  • what does the future hold?

This publication includes the results of innovative modelling that helps trustees quantitatively assess the impact on member security of transferring to Clara-Pensions, taking account of funding strategy, investment strategy and covenant support in and out of Clara-Pensions.

It’s crucial reading for any trustees or employers considering a superfund transaction.

If you would like us to take a ‘closer look’ at your own consolidation solution - whether you are a master trust, insurer, commercial consolidator, sole trustee or investment platform - please get in touch.

Listen to our accompanying podcast episode with Senior Actuary at Clara-Pensions, Ashu Bhargava.

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